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If you have a concern or complaint about our masks, your order or a general question please visit our Contact page. There you can either call us directly, email or fill out the contact form.

Yes! Our disposable masks are Health Canada approved as well as all meet a standard of or above PFE: > 95%. They are manufactured by SSE Care Solutions Inc. Their MDEL License number is 13014. To learn more about SSE Care Solutions Inc., please click here.

The metal nose band should be at the top and the pleats should be folding “down” and on the outside. Click on the thumbnail below to view the quick reference chart fullscreen.

The correct way to wear the mask

Any mask will act as a barrier to help stop the spread of airborne illnesses by reducing spread of them coming out when talking, breathing, coughing, or sneezing, but our masks ensure a high level of filtration with a proper seal allowing for an added benefit of protecting you from a non-mask wearing person or even common allergens found in the air. We cannot do an exact comparison of our medical grade masks compared to a homemade cloth mask but in general they should provide between 50-90% better filtration then a simple cloth mask when used correctly.

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Yes, all our disposable masks meet a standard of PFE 95% and above. Meaning our masks will filter out 95% or more particles larger than 0.1 microns with proper seal which is effective at reducing chances of exposure to Covid-19 and other airborne viruses. We would also like to remind you that a mask does not fully protect you against Covid-19 and to maintain social distance (2 metres).

No, once a mask has been taken off it should be replaced, sterilizing a mask is not possible without specialized devices shown in this ( UCBI study.

There is a moldable metal piece at the top of the mask to mold around the bridge of the nose, make sure that it is a tight fit and the mask is not loose around the ears nor falling off the face. If you have 3 elastic bands and want to ensure you’re having the best seal a US based company called Fix The Mask has a DIY elastic band design to create a better seal around the mouth and nose. (

Yes! Our products are in stock. For more details or questions about our stock levels, pleases free to contact us. If we do run out of a particular item, a note will be added to the product page.

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We suggest our disposable masks be used within 2 years otherwise the materials may deteriorate and become less effective. We recommend that you store under cool, clean, and dry conditions. Avoid excessive heat (over 40°C or 104°F).

As long as the mask can have a proper seal it should be fine, otherwise the mask won’t be effective.

Our masks are manufactured and supplied by SSE Care Solutions ( They are a Canadian mask manufacturer and supplier specializing in high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). Their MDEL number is 13014.

In Markham, Ontario, Canada in ISO Class-8 clean rooms. Click here to learn more.

The latest recommendations from the BC Centre for Disease Control on how to dispose of medical masks after use are:
– Wash or sanitize your hands before and after taking your mask or face shield off.
– Disposable face shields should only be worn once.
– Put the used masks in a garbage bin. Do not litter.
– After taking off your mask, wash or sanitize your hands again.
– When emptying garbage bins, don’t touch used masks or tissues with your hands. All waste can go into regular garbage bins.

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Due to the amount of orders we won’t be accepting cancellations until further notice.

Please note that due necessary health and safety reasons, once this product is shipped it cannot be returned for a refund. These items are non-refundable and non-returnable.